April 15th, 2013: finally the roads out of our winter asylum in Tabarz, Thuringia are free of ice. The piles of snow are melting - time to take off again. At the first junction our ways divide: Kathrin choses the cultural trail through Erfurt, Weimar and Dresden towards Prague while I take hilly hillbilly route. First granny gets our used laptop, then I visit daddy. Sunny days on the road. Spring boosts. First night camping. I meet Georg in Bavaria, work on his webshop while he brings my bike in shape again. The programming project takes longer than expected, but Georg is happy with the solution found, and I have new handmade wheels and parts. The joint training rides every second day bring me back in cycling shape after the long winter break. Meanwhile Kathrins seatpost and saddle gets stolen in Dresden, out of the backyard of a youth hostel, including some emergency cash and passport copies. She gets a replacement, and enjoys hiking in the rocky Elbsandsteingebirge.

SAM 2361 mono

Two more cycling days along the bike trails along the Moldau, then Kathrin meets friends from Switzerland in Prague. Being busy on the new cyclocross-store.de till the last minute, I arrive two days later by train. We stay in a fancy hotel, enjoy great food and a marvelous nightwalk along the golden city. We look forward to cycle on towards Bratislava. My blood freezes when I see Freddy (Kathrins bike) alone in the backyard, and my lock cut in pieces in the grass. Apparently someone fancied my bike a lot despite the worn look. Video streams of the hotel cameras are checked without success. Police comes by in the evening to file a report, without further investigations. We put flyers with rewards on the neigboring entrances and hope. Luckily we can stay in the hotel for three more nights. One day I rent a bicycle, and we tour the cities doggy districts, visit the "bazars". No trace of my bike but big eyes for the reward.

 Karlsbridge by Night

Weary of the city and the situation I convince Kathrin to do something else. We apply on a Wwoofing farm nearby Prague and get an immediate response. Frantiska, the owner, painter, healer, runs the farm after living for decades in France. Finally Spring in our minds - cherry blossom and birds singing everywhere out here in the tiny village. With Lucy there is another Wwoofer here for the weekend. Weading, shreddings last years shrubs, incredible how much progress is visible day by day. We put new flyers out in Prague with an increased reward for my bike, but still no success. Three long journeys, 20 something countries, bye bye Mono: I wish your new rider cycles with you to Karakorum Highway. :-)

SAM 2402 SAM 2430

Frantiska travels to Prague for a couple of days, lets Kathrin and me stay on the farm. We quit the faggs, weed the weed, think about our future plans - and decide to move on towards Istanbul. Manually handling four paneers and a tent bag is no fun without bike, so a new bike would be desireable. I'm haggling with the hotel owner to have him cover a part of the damage, and stupid me forgot about the travel insurance, which I actually wanted to do this time.

If you want to donate parts for "Monos Revenge", you can use the following bank link:

Deutsche Kreditbank; Empfänger Sven Schirmer
Kontonummer: 1013382641
Bankleitzahl: 120 300 00

Postfinance, Empfänger Kathrin Heim
Kontonummer: 18-344484-5;
Bankleitzahl: 9000
IBAN: CH46 0900 0000 1834 4484 5

Deutsche Kreditbank; Sven Schirmer (that's me)
IBAN: DE52 1203 0000 1013 3826 41

Here is a rough list what is needed:

Kinesis Maxlight Disc 450 MTB-Gabel 1 1/8 Zoll Ahead 129,90 €
Quantec SUPERLIGHT MTB Rahmen 254,00 €
Shimano Deore 590 Gruppe V-Brake schwarz 229,90 €
Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Performance MTB Drahtreifen 50-559 45,80 €
Deda RSX01 Sattelstütze - schwarz matt
Länge/Durchmesser: 400mm/31,6mm
25,90 €
Tubus Cargo Evo Gepäckträger - schwarz
Version: für 26" Räder (Bauhöhe: 363mm)
69,90 €
Tubus Tara Vorderradträger - silber 49,90 €
Shimano PD-A530 SPD-Pedal
Farbe: silber
35,90 €
Trivio Basic 95mm Bar Ends
Farbe: schwarz
8,90 €
KCNC Dark Side Flat 8° MTB-Lenker
Klemmdurchmesser: 31.8mm
24,90 €
Race Face Deus XC 31.8 Vorbau 2009
Vorbaulänge: 100mm
39,99 €
Specialized Bodygeometry Contour Locking Grip Griffe
Ausführung: Regular - Grey/Black
19,90 €
Shimano-Mavic MTB Laufrad Deore - XM317 schwarz
Ausführung: Vorderrad + Hinterrad
106,90 €
GPS Bike Locator (to prevent the next thievery) ~ 140 €
Verschiedene Kleinteile (Steuersatz, Bowdenzüge, Trinkflaschenhalter, Tachometer...) 100 €
Primus Brennstoffflasche 16 €
 Summe 1.296 €

Cheers lads, thanks a lot in advance. Kathrin and I really appreciate your support!