Reiki is an ancient healing technique based on Sanskrit scripts that has been rediscovered by Mr. Mikao Usui in 1922. Basically, it is a technique to refresh the body internal self healing process of the recipient by transmitting "universal energy" through the Reiki practicer. Mr. Mikao Usui studied those ancient scripts for years and eventually after a long retreat of meditation and fastening, we received the Reiki powers and the ability to teach and attune others. Then he went out to help poor people all over Japan. The Reiki-Symbol itself consists of the Kanjis for magic and energy.

Various kinds of Reiki exist nowadays, with different levels of attachment to Buddhism and energy-suppling gods. Some teachers would not talk about such gods at all, others may focus a lot on their energy. From my point of view, it depends on the practicer which way he prefers resp. believes in.

Basically, everyone with the intention the help others or himself can give Reiki. Probably, everyone has treaded himself already, without even knowing about Reiki. That is, in case of sudden pain somewhere on the body, everyone touches this very part instinctively to get relief. Saying so, Reiki does work for everyone, wether the recipient believes in it or not. Only the Reiki practicer needs to believe.

When giving or receiving Reiki, the following sensations may occur:

  • tickling: energy starts to flow
  • heat: energy flows a lot
  • cool: unwanted energy is getting balanced
  • knocking: to much energy for the specific part of the body, change to another position

To become a Reiki practicer, one can attend a first grade course to receive the Reiki attunement and the basic knowledge of this technique. Due to such attunement, the Reiki energy channel of the scholar is cleaned and secured, and during the first course the scholar will learn the basic techniques and sensations. That is, a Reiki practicer can sort of determine the recipients problems or diseases. However, a practicer should not declare himself a doctor nor give sort of diagnosis if he has no real medical degree.

In the traditional Usui Reiki, there are three courses:

1st: receive attunement and basic practices

2nd: Byosen plus symbols and mantras required for Remote healing, and healing of the High self

3rd: Master degree with additional symbols and matras

Beside the healing techniques, Mr. Usui gave his patients his core life message in order to help them maintaining their health:

"Just today

don't be angry,

don't worry,

be thankfull,

work hard (on yourself),

be friendly to everybody."

Living and thinking in this manner, your mind and your livestyle will transform more and more healthy over time.

In 2008/2009 I attended the 1st and 2nd level of the traditional Usui Reiki in Germany and complemented my studies with the Master course with the same Reiki teacher. I do enjoy helping to heal people with Reiki a lot.